Our design services

BOB commits to satisfy the client's requirements and will seek to exceed expectations on design conceptualization and production. Producing concise and straightforward design, ideas will clearly and accurately be translated from the client to the artisans, fabricators and installers. Our drawings enhance the understanding of each individual to establish the story and concept of the themed experience.

themed capabilities
  1. Art Direction
  2. Sculpting
    • Clay
    • Cement
    • Bead Foam/Pu Foam
    • Polygem
    • Plaster
  3. Projection Screen
  4. Faux
    • Rockwork
    • Wood / Beam
  5. Scale Models /
    Sculptures / Ornaments
  6. 3-Dimensional
  7. Painting
    • Scenic
    • Mural
    • Back Light
    • 3D Effects
    • Aging
    • Stencil
    • Floor
  8. Carpentry
  9. Specialty Installation
  10. Refurbishing Works
  11. Fibre Glass &
    Glass Reinforced
    • Show Products
    • Concrete
Master Planing Store
  • Overall Storyline Development
  • Opetational Programme Outline
  • Zone & Attraction Storyline Development
  • Operational Model & Attraction
  • Programme Development
Concept Stage
  • Experience Narative
  • Facility Design
  • Site Analysis
  • Diagramatic Master Plan
Schematic Design Stage
  • Master Plan
  • Area Development Plan
  • Attraction & Facility Plan
  • Facade Elevation & Section
  • Overall Perspective Views
  • Character Development
Design Development Stage
  • CAD & Supplemented with Hand Drawn illustrations
  • Detailed Dimentations
  • Complete Annotations
  • Callout of Proposed Material Finishes
  • Sufficient infomation (Crucial for Fabrication)
Construction Shop Drawing/
Production Shop Drawing
  • All Connection Details
  • Structural Justification
  • Part List

concept design

The concept design phase where in ideas for the direction of the project is explored.

This show the “thinking” process and captures the “vision” of the client and all stake holders.

All drawings (story boards, scenes, gags, characters, and environment) in this phase are drawn by hand. Write-ups, narratives, sketches, illustrations and supplements diagrams are compiled in A3 format. Drawings from CAD are sometimes included.

schematic design

Our schematic design drawings show the general views of the components (such as facilities and attraction) and its relation to each other, and the scale of the projects. Our 3D drawings are usually done in 3D Max or Sketch Up for massing studies and illustration aides.

At this stage, all our drawings show overall as well as detailed dimensions, with complete annotations and callouts on the proposed material finishes or equivalents.

The contents should show enough detail that will allow it to be used for preliminary costing, tender, consultancy, IP, & client comments and approval.

design development

Our drawings in this stage are done in CAD and supplemented with hand drawn illustrations. All drawings are printed in A1 size sheets.

All drawings show overall as well as detailed dimensions. They have complete annotations and callouts on the proposed material finishes or equivalents. Vignette and detailed drawings show enough information to allow us to:

  • Produce shop drawings for fabrication
  • Integrate with other consultants
  • Approve the final selection of material finishes
  • Approve color & texture palettes