A full-service thematic provider committed to delivering the highest quality of projects in Asia.

Our team can produce attractions for a broad range of potential locations; from a basic family entertainment center to the largest integrated resort, featuring hotels, theme parks, convention centres, residential units, world-class shopping and dining.

BOB D&B creates designs and ensures they are taken from concept to reality. The company was created by a group of passionate and dedicated group of experience professionals who share an enthusiasm in influencing detailed-oriented designs as a production driver in theming industry.

who we are:

Themed Entertainment Attractions

We build immersive themed entertainment attractions based on top-tier IP in the most popular locations with state-owned enterprise and public company local partners.

Family Entertainment Centre

We secure the rights of some of the biggest multi-generational intellectual properties to turn them into a world-class attraction for the whole family to be transported into our interactive Family Entertainment Centre (FEC).

Cutting Edge Technology

We utilise cutting edge technology at our destinations with the aim of heightening the quality of entertainment of each and every guest.

our vision

“We seek to create unforgettable experiences, excite emotions and provoke creativity for both our clients and their audiences through the successful delivery of our projects.”

our mission

BOB is dedicated to creating designs and taking them from concepts to reality through influential, detailed-orientated designs as a production driver in the theming industry.

CEO & Director, Strategy & Business Development

Benedict Ng is CEO & Strategy & Business Development Director of BOB D&B, with the responsibility of executing all design and production processes and initiatives taken on by the company. As an expert in the thematic industry, he oversees all planning aspects of the project life cycle such as tendering, product design, materials selection, construction, etc.

As a management member for project teams while working on projects such as the first theme park in both Resort World Sentosa and Abu Dhabi, Benedict has gained extensive overseas experience and has proven himself to be highly reliable with a high degree of attention when delivery internationally held standard projects. Much of his past leadership initiatives has enabled high-valued projects to maintain within scope, time, cost and quality.

Director, Project Management

As Project Management Director of BOB D&B, Benedict Chan Yik Fan oversees all thematic project ventures internationally. He is responsible for attaining and growing the company’s presence while providing expert guidance to the project teams from initiation through closing.

With over 15 years of experience in the building and construction management industry, Yik Fan has led many successful thematic projects for reputable brands. His extensive involvement on projects within the Asia region has proven his leadership and reputation in the thematic industry.

His multi-disciplinary management abilities and experience allows him to take on and deliver complex projects. He specializes in planning all knowledge areas and developing the project according to the stakeholders requirements.

Director, Design & Technical

Khor Eng Choon is the Technical & Design Director of BOB D&B and is responsible for overseeing and managing the design team progress from design development to final production of all projects.

With over 11 years in the building construction industry, Khor has successfully delivered and managed 7 years on reputable thematic projects for acclaimed brands.

Khor is a trained Engineer by profession and has vast experience in numerous design tools and developed design teams to complete complex projects.

General Manager

Currently serving as BOB D&B General Manager, Manfred Low will be responsible for overseeing development, planning and execution of all project ventures. He will be managing and ensuring proper execution and delivery during the project lifecycle.

Aside from project delivery, Manfred also manages and controls all resources and activities within the Asia region to ensure long term growth and sustainability of the Company.

Manfred’s prior project management experience in the thematic industry includes renowned projets as well. His focus includes project planning, execution and monitoring and control.

Manager, Project

Ray Fung is the current Project Manager for BOB D&B, he ensures the steady and effective delivery of all projects taken on by the company. He also ensures all resources and budgets are met to successfully complete and satisfy the clients requirements.

His prior experience has enabled him to successfully gain the trust and confidence of the company and the clients. Which includes 5 years project managing high profile projects in the theming industry while holding major appointments and responsibilities.